Lists of Incentive Programs for Renewables & Energy Efficiency Upgrades

There are a lot of incentives that make it affordable to reduce your the energy demand or upgrade to renewables at your home, business, or school.  Because there are so many new incentives and older incentives often sunset it can be difficult to stay abreast of what is available for your needs.

There are two lists that combined cover nearly every federal and state incentive for Pennsylvania:

  1. PennFuture has a good list broken down by what the incentive can be used for (e.g. solar, wind, efficiency) Available here.
  2. At the NC Solar Center has a list  of incentives for renewables and efficiency upgrades for each state  broken down by type of incentive (e.g. grant, loan, rebate). Available here.

In addition there are two programs specifically for Philadelphia homeowners or tenants:

  1. Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation’s (PHDC) Weatherization Assistance Program – provides free weatherization and energy efficiency improvements to Philadelphia homes occupied by low-income residents
  2. The Redevelopment Authority’s (RDA) Philadelphia Home Improvement Loan Program – administers a program that provides low-interest loans of 3%-5% for renovations (including energy renovations) in owner-occupied homes in the city. More information available at

Use these to save money, improve the environment and help us meet Greenworks’ energy targets!


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