Teens 4 Good Break Ground for Urban Farm at Carousel House Rec Center Carousel House Groundbreaking

On March 19, Teens 4 Good launched a new urban farm at the Department of Parks and Recreation’s Carousel House facility in Fairmount Park. Teens 4 Good, a program of the Federation of Neighborhood Centers, is a youth-run produce and nutrition business that transforms vacant land into urban gardens. The Carousel House is the eighth food growing site that Teens 4 Good has created since its inception in 2005. The program aims to improve access to healthy food and create meaningful jobs for at-risk youth. “This new farm advances the goal of helping teens realize that they have the power to create their future and change their community for the better,” said Diane Cornman-Levy, Executive Director of Federation of Neighborhood Centers. The Carousel House farm will receive support from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and Organic Diversion. Some of the food grown will be sold at a local ShopRite owned by Brown’s Family Superstores. This great project will help Philadelphia meet the Greenworks goal of bringing local food within 10 minutes of 75 percent of residents by 2015.


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