City Unveils Green Philly, Grow Philly Tree Campaign

On April 24, Mayor Nutter, Parks and Recreation Commissioner Michael DiBerardinis, and Pennsylvania Horticultural Society President-elect Drew Becher kicked-off the first phase of Philadelphia’s comprehensive tree-planting campaign in the city’s Francisville neighborhood.

“This kick-off event with Francisville exemplifies the new tree planting model which leverages community partnerships to increase the number of trees planted,” said Mayor Nutter. “With the help of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, corporate partners, local non-profit organizations, and other institutions, I have no doubt that Philadelphia will become the greenest big city in America.”

Greenworks sets a goal of planting 300,000 new trees in the city by 2015. The increased tree canopy will bring a multitude of benefits: decreased air pollution, reduced stormwater runoff, energy savings, increased property values, and an overall improvement of quality of life in the City.

The newly-merged Department of Parks and Recreation, led by Commissioner DiBerardinis, will organize and implement a tree-planting campaign to advance this tree work and promote a premiere Parks and Recreation system, which is safe, clean, ready to use, and green. As part of the new tree planting model, the University of Pennsylvania has signed on as one of the first institutional partners.  The Parks and Recreation Department will announce details of other exciting institutional and corporate partnerships prior to the fall launch.


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