The Mark Group will establish U.S. headquarters at the Philadelphia Navy Yard

Philadelphia, Oct. 22, 2010 – Mayor Michael A. Nutter and Governor Edward G. Rendell announced that the Mark Group, a home energy efficiency firm based in the United Kingdom, will establish its U.S. Headquarters at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. The Mark Group will join a growing number of clean energy technology and energy-related businesses located at the Navy Yard. The Mark Group will bring 250 new jobs to the Navy Yard. The attraction of the Mark Group to Philadelphia was made possible through a partnership involving the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Department of Community and Economic Development, the City of Philadelphia, Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) and Select Greater Philadelphia.

“The Navy Yard is becoming a nationally recognized hub for clean technology companies. The Mark Group is one of many innovative energy efficiency and alternative energy businesses establishing their presence in Philadelphia. These companies are bringing new jobs, new expertise and new ideas to our city,” said Mayor Nutter. “Thanks to the work of the Philadelphia Commerce Department and our many city and regional partners, Philadelphia is now seeing the fruits of many months of labor as new businesses locate in our city providing new job opportunities for Philadelphians.”

Recently, the U.S. Department of Energy in August awarded a $130 million grant to a consortium of university, public and private sector partners to develop new energy efficiency technologies at the Navy Yard’s Clean Energy Campus.

Gov. Rendell said that helping consumers reduce their energy use is one of the best things we can do to help people and employers save money while improving our environment. “After all, the cheapest and cleanest energy is that which we don’t use. We’ve made great strides in the past eight years to help energy users do that, but the work being done here at the energy innovation hub and by Mark Group will take those efforts to an entirely new level,” said Gov. Rendell. “Mark Group’s decision to locate its U.S. headquarters here and become one of the first companies tied to the Department of Energy’s energy innovation hub is an excellent partnership. Each complements the other and each offers a host of great opportunities for the other.”

The Mark Group’s establishment of their U.S. headquarters in Philadelphia was made possible through grant funding provided by PIDC and the Governor’s Action Team. According to company officials, Philadelphia’s location as an international and northeastern transportation hub and the abundance of higher education institutions were significant factors in the Mark Group’s decision to locate in this region.

“Mark Group is excited to launch our U.S. business from Philadelphia. We are grateful to Mayor Nutter and his economic development team for welcoming us to the City and for making the decision to locate here so easy. We recognize that Philadelphia’s success is our success, and therefore we are looking forward to being a Philadelphia-based business – hiring here, buying here, and growing here,” stated Jeff Bartos, U.S. CEO of the Mark Group.

“This is a great win for the City and the entire Greater Philadelphia region,” said Tom Morr, president & CEO of Select Greater Philadelphia. “Mark Group is a perfect addition to the Navy Yard’s Clean Energy Campus and its recently announced $130M GPIC Energy Innovation Hub.”

Mark Group is an international company, with more than 1,400 employees dedicated to providing a ‘whole house’ solution to energy efficiency. The firm began insulating homes back in 1974 and recognized that this is the first step in helping save energy, money and carbon emissions. Today, from its 17 locations, Mark Group helps make more than 6,000 homes more energy efficient every week. The firm’s portfolio has expanded in recent years to include an increasingly popular and proven range of energy saving products. Services are tailored for individual homeowners as well as builders, architects, local authorities and government bodies. The company’s international headquarters are located in the UK with additional offices in Australia.



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