Philadelphia to Take Part in SEED Collaborative

Mayor Kenney announced today that the City will take part in the Standard Energy Efficiency Data (SEED) Collaborative, a free open-source database platform to track the energy performance of buildings throughout Philadelphia.

The SEED platform will help the City’s Office of Sustainability manage energy benchmarking data for nearly 2,000 commercial, municipal, and school buildings, along with 800 multi-family properties to be added to the program in the coming year.

“Philadelphia is an early leader in the benchmarking and disclosure of building energy information, and making use of the SEED platform will only improve that report,” Mayor Kenney said.  “We look forward to being an example for other cities as they look to increase sustainable energy use and limit greenhouse gas emissions.”

In cooperation with the Department of Energy, Office of Sustainability will work to integrate SEED with existing benchmarking reporting platforms, including the city’s groundbreaking data visualization tool ( and custom energy performance profiles emailed to every building owner that participates in the program.

“By participating in the SEED Collaborative, Philadelphia will have the opportunity to guide the development of the SEED tool and contribute toward the DOE goal of doubling American energy productivity by 2030,” said Christine Knapp, Director for the Office of Sustainability.

The city’s Greenworks sustainability plan has emphasized building efficiency as a key component of climate action; buildings account for 60 percent of the city’s carbon footprint, as compared to just 19 percent for transportation.


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